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Sunday, October 31, 2010

NFL Picks Week 8

Tally for week 7:

Peter King: 9-5 (60-44, a .577 win percentage)
Andrew Hamm: 7-7 (54-50, .519)
George Washington: 9-5 (49-55, .471)
Greyson's Dad: 10-4 (63-41, .606)
Rick Olson: 9-5 (55-35, .611)

This week's games, to the tune of Avenged Sevenfold:

Buffalo Bills (0-6) at Kansas City Chiefs (4-2)
  • Peter: Chiefs. Words I never thought I'd write about a Bills-Chiefs game in 2010: The only game Sunday featuring a matchup between two top-10-rated quarterbacks in the NFL is Buffalo (Ryan Fitzpatrick) versus Kansas City (Matt Cassel). Harvard guy versus the USC benchwarmer. Fitzpatrick is second (102.0), Cassel ninth (91.5).
  • Andrew: Chiefs. Come on, dude.
  • George: Chiefs.
  • Ryan: Chiefs.
  • Rick: Chiefs. The Bills will keep it close. but the Chiefs will make it to 5-2.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4) at Dallas Cowboys (1-5)
  • ´╗┐Peter: Cowboys. Speaking of coaches who might have a lot of time on their hands in 10 weeks, this game matches two of them. Good-guy Jon Kitna might not have started a game since the Bush Administration, but he'll have enough help from some good receivers to plow under the Jags.
  • Andrew: Cowboys. The Cowboys will rally around Jon Kitna and start winning games, precisely because it makes absolutely no sense.
  • George: Cowboys.
  • Ryan: Jaguars.
  • Rick: Cowboys. Let the Kitna era reign!

Carolina Panthers (1-5) at St. Louis Rams (3-4)
  • Peter: Panthers. Two reasons. Matt Moore threw for 308 yards against a bad Niners team last week, showing he can play competently when he doesn't have the weight of the world on his shoulders. And Carolina finally rushed the passer.
  • Andrew: Rams. Raise your hand if you thought the Rams would be at .500 at mid-season. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  • George: Rams.
  • Ryan: Rams.
  • Rick: Rams. If Jackson plays for the Rams, they should have no problems here.

Washington Redskins (4-3) at Detroit Lions (1-5)
  • Peter: Lions. I don't trust Washington to score. I trust Detroit, even though Matthew Stafford hasn't played since Week 1, to score more.
  • Andrew: Redskins. This is the week. This is the moment the Redskins franchise turns the corner from the misery of the past 15 years and shows that they have learned how to be a functional NFL organization. Not necessarily a "winning" team; I still see them finishing the season 8-8. But they should kill the Lions, and they will. I'm putting my fantasy money where my mouth is, starting Cooley, Gano, and even Anthony Armstrong. Besides, they've had their beat-down-by-a-massively-inferior-team meltown already this season against the Rams.
  • George: Redskins.
  • Ryan: Redskins.
  • Rick: Lions. Let's see what Washington does two weeks in a row. Upset City.

Miami Dolphins (3-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (2-4)
  • Peter: Dolphins. The strangest streak in the league continues. Miami can't lose on the road, can't win at home. If my call is right, the Fins will be 0-3 home, 4-0 away. If you've got Davone Bess on your fantasy team, I've got a hunch Dan Henning will be calling his number in the fourth quarter, and Chad Henne will find him a couple of times underneath coverage. Doesn't help the Bengals that Pacman Jones just went on IR. He'd have been nettlesome on Bess.
  • Andrew: Bengals. This is my hunch upset of the week.
  • George: Dolphins.
  • Ryan: Dolphins.
  • Rick: Dolphins. Because I don't know what to think of the Bengals anymore this year.

Denver Broncons (2-5) vs. San Francisco 49ers (1-6)
  • Peter: Broncons. We've exported to London two teams with a combined 3-11 record. (Wouldn't Vandelay Industries be a better exporter to England right now?) One team is coming off, arguably, the worst performance in franchise history; Denver allowed 59 points to a previously 2-4 team playing lousy on offense. The other team is starting a quarterback, Troy Smith, who just started practicing 49ers plays with his team. Pick the winner out of a hat. I'll take the team with the better quarterback, thank you.
  • Andrew: Broncons. Oh, London, I am so sorry that this is what we sent you this year. I'm completely done picking the 49ers. The meat thermometer has popped: Mike Singletary has popped.
  • George: Broncons.
  • Ryan: Broncons.
  • Rick: Broncos. I feel bad for all of London for having these two teams as their NFL game for the year.

Green Bay Packers (4-3) at New York Jets (5-1)
  • Peter: Jets. Jets have 45 takeaways in Rex Ryan's 22 games as coach. The Pack has turned it over 13 times this year, and Mike McCarthy's concerned. "Our giveaways are way too high. Our turnover ratio is minus-1. That's not where we want to be,'' McCarthy said this week. Green Bay is beat-up too, and New York is coming off the bye. Rested.
  • Andrew: Jets. Green Bay is too beat up to do more than make a fight of it. The NFC North is bedlam.
  • George: Packers.
  • Ryan: Jets.
  • Rick: Jets. This may be the game where the throw at all costs Packers lose Rodgers to injury.

Tennessee Titans (5-2) at San Diego Chargers (2-5)
  • Peter: Titans. The strangest season in recent years continues. The Chargers can't be first in the NFL in total offense and total defense, and they can't have outscored their opposition in seven games by a combined 28 ... and be 2-5. Can they? They can given their turnovers. They can also be 2-6 if the no-name Tennessee pass-rush bugs Philip Rivers as much as I think it will.
  • Andrew: Titans. Norv, Norv, Norv.
  • George: Titans.
  • Ryan: Chargers.
  • Rick: Titans. Can the Chargers REALLY be 2-6? Yes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) at Arizona Cardinals (3-3)
  • Peter: Cardinals. "We're the best team in the NFC,'' Raheem Morris said the other day. "Yeah, I said it.'' I guess that's some sort of motivational thing, but it's hard to make a statement like that when, in the two games against big-time opposition (Steelers, Saints), you lost by 25 points each time. I'm not big fan of these Cards either. Might be time to bench Tim (Fumbleitis) Hightower and give the ball to Beanie Wells 20 times or more.
  • Andrew: Cardinals. Upset of the week #2.
  • George: Cardinals.
  • Ryan: Buccaneers.
  • Rick: Cardinals. I have no idea why. Just a hunch.

Minnesota Vikings (2-4) at New England Patriots (5-1)
  • Peter: Patriots. I say Brett Favre plays, and I say Tom Brady plays better.
  • Andrew: Patriots. Favre starts, Jackson finishes. Brady finishes the Vikings' season.
  • George: Patriots.
  • Ryan: Patriots.
  • Rick: Patriots. Favre will play. When he plays hurt, he forces WAY too much

Seattle Seahawks (4-2) at Oakland Raiders (3-4)
  • Peter: Raiders. What a beatdown of the Broncos. Totally unexpected, at least to me -- and the Raiders did it with their three top receivers hurt. This is going to come down to one of the league's hottest backs, Darren McFadden, denting a surprisingly strong run defense (Seattle's allowing a Steeler-like 3.3 yards per carry) enough to win. I say he can.
  • Andrew: Raiders. Raise your hand if you thought the Raiders would be at .500 at mid-season. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  • George: Raiders.
  • Ryan: Raiders.
  • Rick: Raiders. Was last week in Denver a fluke? Probably at least a little bit, but they should still beat the Hawks.

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) at New Orleans Saints (4-3)
  • Peter: Steelers. Halloween night in New Orleans. National TV. Michaels and Collinsworth. Feisty crowd. Very loud. Steelers without one of their five most valuable players, defensive end Aaron Smith. Saints are reeling and have to have it. Tough one to call. If I thought Reggie Bush were going to play and be near 100 percent healthy, I'd go with the Saints. But he's not and I can't.
  • Andrew: Saints.  The Steelers' D is a fast-zombie nightmare. But I just can't see the Saints at 4-4 midseason. I have to believe that Brees's leadership trumps Rapistberger's.
  • George: Steelers.
  • Ryan: Steelers.
  • Rick: Saints. Drew Brees is going to right the ship in a must-win.

Houston Texans (4-2) at Indianapolis Colts (4-2)
  • Peter: Colts. This game will provide another reason you can't discuss the first-half MVP of this season without including Peyton Manning.
  • Andrew: Colts. Bigtime revenge game.
  • George: Texans.
  • Ryan: Colts.
  • Rick: Texans. The Texans show that their Week 1 victory was no fluke.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Posting on Arkansas Shakespeare's Blog

So Arkansas Shakespeare now has a new website (a long-overdue upgrade), and I've been asked to post on the process of next summer's As You Like It.

Here's my first entry.


NFL Picks Week 7

The tally:

Peter King: 8-6 in week 6 (51-39, a .567 win percentage)
Andrew Hamm: 6-8 (47-43, .522)
George Washington: 5-9 (40-50, .444)
Greyson's Dad: 9-5 (53-37, .589)
Rick Olson: 7-7 (46-28, .622)

The picks:

Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) at Atlanta Falcons (4-2)
  • Peter: Falcons. Stat of the Week: Matt Ryan is 15-1 at the Georgia Dome, and Michael Turner rushes for 104 yards per game at the Georgia Dome. Factoid of the Week That Should Interest You: This game is at the Georgia Dome.
  • Andrew: Falcons. Just the matter of the better overall team winning.
  • George: Falcons.
  • Rick: Falcons. Two struggling QB's, two decent D's....I think it'll be about 13-10.....which means it'll really be 35-34
  • Ryan: Falcons.

Buffalo Bills (0-5) at Baltimore Ravens (4-2)
  • Peter: Ravens. Poor Bills. I'll tell you the most amazing thing I discovered as I went about my exhaustive research this week making these picks. (I spend at least 45 seconds hours doing my research, you know. Call me the Ron Jaworski of pick research.) These two teams met fairly recently, in 2007, and Buffalo won 19-14. Newbies Joe Flacco, Anquan Boldin and Ray Rice will have something to say about this rematch.
  • Andrew: Ravens. Puh-lease.
  • George: Ravens.
  • Rick: Ravens. This should be a big game for everyone on the Ravens.
  • Ryan: Ravens.

San Francisco (1-5) at Carolina Panthers (0-5)
  • Peter: 49ers. Aubrayo Franklin, Isaac Sapoaga, Justin Smith and Patrick Willis will be the big factors in this game, because the Panthers will have to run DeAngelo Williams to win. Glad to see Matt Moore get another chance to quarterback the Panthers and prove I wasn't a total ditz in saying he was going to have a good year. But I don't think he'll be the difference-maker this week.
  • Andrew: 49ers. Both teams are a mess, but Carolina is much messier.
  • George: Panthers.
  • Rick: Panthers...... Next please.
  • Ryan: 49ers.

Washington Redskins (3-3) at Chicago Bears (4-2)
  • Peter: Redskins. Donovan McNabb returns to Chicago, where he's had some very good days as a visitor. Four of them, actually, in five career outings at Soldier Field. To win this one, he's going to be very happy to hand the ball 23 times to Ryan Torain.
  • Andrew: Redskins. I find myself sliding precipitously off the Bears bandwagon, and not just because they're facing my Redskins. A big game for Ryan Torain and a couple game-changing big plays to emerging wideout Anthony Armstrong should ensue. I think Cutler is one hit away from visiting Dr. Gumby with the complaint, "My brain hurts." It will have to come out.
  • George: Redskins.
  • Rick: Redskins. The Bears are no good. The Redskins are relatively good.
  • Ryan: Redskins.

Philadelphia Eagles (4-2) at Tennessee Titans (4-2)
  • Peter: Titans. Here's a strange one for you: Tennessee is 11-0 against NFC teams in the past 24 months. I say it gets to 12, narrowly, even if Vince Young has to give way to Kerry Collins. In fact, after watching the Monday-nighter, that might be better for Tennessee.
  • Andrew: Titans. A close one, but I like the Titans' efficiency.
  • George: Eagles.
  • Rick: Titans. Total Pick'em game. I'll go with the home team.
  • Ryan: Eagles.

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) at Miami Dolphins (3-2)
  • Peter: Steelers. Just between us, I think there are about 22 million reasons James Harrison won't retire.
  • Andrew: Dolphins. Honestly, logic has gone so completely by the wayside this year that I'm just picking a couple upsets each week based on hunch and vibe. And I think James Harrison is going to hit someone hard just to make a point--and might find himself ejected for it to make a better one.
  • George: Dolphins.
  • Rick: Dolphins. Just a gut feeling that Miami is better than people think and Pittsburgh isn't as good as people think.
  • Ryan: Steelers.

St. Louis Rams (3-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)
  • Peter: Buccaneers. I know this game seems like a clunker -- it is a clunker -- but the one thing about it I really like is that we'll be seeing two quarterbacks (Josh Freeman and Sam Bradford) who'll be among the top 10 in the league in 2017.
  • Andrew: Rams. One of these teams is going deep into the playoffs--next year.
  • George: Rams.
  • Rick: Buccaneers. Two up and coming teams. but I'll take the Bucs in a close one
  • Ryan: Buccaneers.

Cleveland Browns (1-5) at New Orleans Saints (4-2)
  • Peter: Saints. Ben Roethlisberger one week, Drew Brees the next, and, after the bye, Tom Brady. Nice way to break into the NFL, Colt McCoy. (And if you're asking me if I think McCoy will still have the job two weeks from now, the answer is yes -- as long as this game against the Saints is not an abject disaster.)
  • Andrew: Saints. I almost picked this upset. Then I remembered it was the Browns.
  • George: Browns.
  • Rick: Saints. Drew Brees should chew up the Browns.
  • Ryan: Saints.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (3-2)
  • Peter: Chiefs. The Chiefs are getting good before our eyes. I said this week I think they'll win the AFC West, and after watching the first six weeks of the season, I think it might not be close.
  • Andrew: Chiefs. Okay, I'm convinced. The Chefs are good. Great googly moogly.
  • George: Jaguars.
  • Rick: Chiefs. It's Trent Edwards, it's Matt Cassel. The NFL, where greatness thrives!
  • Ryan: Chiefs.

Arizona Cardinals (3-2) at Seattle Seahawks (3-2)
  • Peter: Seahawks. Watch for the dynamic duo of Justin Forsett and Marshawn Lynch (don't laugh; that's a heck of a 1-2 punch) to take over this game. The Cards are allowing 140 rushing yards per game.
  • Andrew: Cardinals. How about that Max Hall?
  • George: Cardinals.
  • Rick: Seahawks. I like the Seahawks at home. Mike Williams for comeback player of the year.
  • Ryan: Seahawks.

Oakland Raiders (2-4) at Denver Broncons (2-4)
  • Peter: Broncons. Look at the Broncos' receiving corps. Jabar Gaffney 37 catches, Brandon Lloyd 34, Eddie Royal 32. Wait 'til Demaryius Thomas gets his pro legs under him. Denver's receivers will rival Indy's.
  • Andrew: Raiders. With all the hype about the amazing Broncons offense, you'd think their win-loss record would be flipped. But no. They're a badly unbalanced team. So is Oakland, but still...
  • George: Raiders.
  • Rick: Broncons. Oakland made SF look good last week. I gotta think that Kyle Orton lights them up.
  • Ryan: Broncons.

New England Patriots (4-1) at San Diego Chargers (2-4)
  • Peter: Patriots. Tom Brady wins a shootout. Tough call, because the Chargers need this game badly (oh really?), Philip Rivers is on fire, and the Patriots' young secondary is amazingly generous, allowing foes to complete 71 percent of their throws. I'd pick the Chargers if half their offense wasn't on the sidelines at practice Wednesday -- and particularly if I could count on Antonio Gates being the real Gates with his toe injury.
  • Andrew: Patriots. I just see them getting better and better, and I'm glad the Redskins aren't playing the AFC East this year.
  • George: Patriots.
  • Rick: Chargers. This has become a bit of a rivalry. I expect Rivers to chew up the Pats' secondary.
  • Ryan: Patriots.

Minnesota Vikings (2-3) at Green Bay Packers (3-3)
  • Peter: Vikings. The Vikes' defensive front will dictate this game. Very odd so far that Minnesota has six sacks in five games, and the dangerous Jared Allen has but one. I think you remember what Allen did to the Packers last year in Sackville: 7.5 in two games. Expect him to be very happy to see the Sunday night national TV audience (he likes the attention) and the Packers offensive line across from him.
  • Andrew: Vikings. The Packers are a MASH unit, and the Vikings are slowly gelling. This is the week they start coming together.
  • George: Packers.
  • Rick: Packers. I don't care if injuries force the Packers to re-sign Tony Mandarich and Eddie Lee Ivory, I'll never pick Favre to beat the Pack.
  • Ryan: Packers.

New York Giants (4-2) at Dallas Cowboys (1-4)
  • Peter: Cowboys. At some point, Tony Romo's going to walk into his huddle and say, "This is #%&^*# ridiculous, you bunch of $%%#&@. Let's get our #$%$^ in gear and earn our millions." Or something like that. This is the night.
  • Andrew: Cowboys. Once or twice a year an NFC East team wins a game against a divisional opponent they have no business beating. This is it.
  • George: Giants.
  • Rick: Giants. The D-Line of the G-Men should be on Romo all game long.
  • Ryan: Cowboys.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

What's Next: "This Beautiful City"

After two years devoted to directing, producing, composing and teaching theatre, I'm finally returning to the stage as an actor. This time, I can honestly say that the project may be the most important piece of theatre with which I have ever been associated.

I will be part of the six-person ensemble creating the population of This Beautiful City at the Richmond Triangle Players as part of the Acts of Faith festival. The script was developed by an exploratory New York theatre company called The Civilians, who are best-known for their 2007 piece, Gone Missing. The Civilians create documentary theatre, usually with music, by interviewing people and building a script out of that material. In the case of TBC, the Civilians wanted to create a piece about the rise of Evangelical Christianity and its influence in American political dialogue, particularly the tension between Chriatianity and the rising tide of gay marriage rights. They chose to examine Colorado Springs (the beautiful city of the title), home of Focus on the Family and the enormous, politically connected New Life Church.

The company traveled to Colorado Springs, began the interview process--and then all hell broke loose. New Life's high-profile pastor, Ted Haggard, was outed as having both a gay affair and a methamphetamine addiction, shining the national spotlight on the community. It was a journalistic bonanza for the Civilians, raising the intensity level of the entire project. The result is a two-act documentary with music, with all the text culled from interviews and emails.

So why is this piece so "important," in my mind? Well, I happen to be both a passionately evangelical Christian and an ardent supporter of gay rights. I find no conflict between the two perspectives in my heart, though I can intellectually appreciate how people on one side or the other could find themselves in honest, conscientious opposition. That said, I did as much research into the script as I could before auditioning, and even after being offered a role I respectfully insisted on reading the script before committing in order to make sure there was no egregious conflict between the play's message and my own faith perspective. I'm sure most people reading this are thinking something like, "Oh, a bunch of theatre people from New York making a play about the Ted Haggard scandal? I'm sure that's a really even-handed portrayal of Christianity [/sarcasm]."

You know what? It is. Chew on this for a moment: Ted Haggard himself attended a performance of this play during its brief New York run. With his wife.

The fact is, and this is what attracts me so much to this script, the Civilians are completely even-handed and respectful of all perspectives depicted in this script. More than any play I have ever attached myself to, I am proud of this project. Opportunities to artistically challenge and question my faith in an honest and incisive, yet still loving and respectful manner are rare.

Arts and faith communities so often find themselves at odds with one another that for those of us who live in both worlds the tension can often be baffling and painful. I've long lived what I've come to describe as an amphibious existence, living half in the world of faith and half in the world of art, never entirely comfortable or accepted in either community. I have left a church because of their stance on artistic representation, and I have rejected excellent theatrical projects because of their representation of Christ. At the risk of revealing too deep a secret, I always internally phrase my work in the theatre in the context of my Christian worldview. Everything I do as a theatre artist is framed by humanity's brokenness, our inability to make the world work without help, our need for unconditional forgiveness, for a Redeemer. The work I've done on Doctor Faustus, Measure for Measure, Amadeus, and even the silliness of A Comedy of Errors and A Midsummer Night's Dream all have had this as core ideas. It is an INCREDIBLE joy and privilege to work on a script that has these ideas at its center without my having to make much of any internal justification.

This Beautiful City allows art and faith to talk to each other. It asks incredibly difficult, essential questions and demands that YOU, dear audience, answer them for yourselves. And it does this in a context of complete respect and love for the people and perspectives presented. A person of faith and art can not possibly ask for more.

I love ensemble-generated theatre. I love theatre that allows me to present my Christian faith, an exceptionally rare thing. I love theatre that challenges the audience's perspectives, and that challenges mine. I love this play, and I think it's the most important thing I've ever done as a theatre artist. I hope you come see it.

This Beautiful City opens January 12 and runs through February 5.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

NFL Picks Week 6

First of all, congratulations to Amber Wiley and Ryan Capps for successfully making Greyson William "Thunder" Capps. I visited them in the hospital to meet little Busta, congratulate Amber, and get Ryan's picks for this week. Rick even wrote commentary, which is nice because I just didn't for several games.

Regarding last week: So much for my looking like I know anything about football. And so much for Peter King being an actual expert; SI's writer got killed. Last week was among the craziest I have ever seen in my years of sports fandom:

Peter King: 5-9 (43-33, a .566 win percentage)
Andrew Hamm: 7-7 (41-35, .539)
George Washington: 7-7 (35-41, .461)
Greyson's Dad: 6-8 (44-32, .579)
Rick Olson: 10-4 (39-21, .650)

To the accompaniment of Transatlantic's The Whirlwind:

Atlanta Falcons (4-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)
  • Peter: Eagles. We interrupt this game prediction to bring you this gee-whiz reaction to the Mike Bell-for-Jerome Harrison trade: What?!?! Bell's a guy. Harrison's a comet. Harrison's last three games last season for the Browns: 106 carries, 561 yards, five touchdowns. I don't know how he got so ensconced in Eric Mangini's doghouse, but I do know this: That's one heck of a trade for the Eagles.
  • Andrew: Falcons. I'm still just not a Kolb believer. The Falcons are the best team in the NFC, which honestly says very very little.
  • George: Falcons.
  • Greyson's Dad: Falcons. Fal-con pride ever.
  • Rick: Falcons. Bill Simmons' said it best. They are going to be the number 1 seed in the NFC. #1's win this game.

Baltimore Ravens (4-1) at New England Patriots (3-1)
  • ´╗┐Peter: Ravens. Lost in the kerfuffle of the rout of the Dolphins and the Randy Moss trade and the very serious discussion of Tom Brady's hair: New England's defense isn't fixed, and I don't see the Patriots either covering Anquan Boldin or stopping Ray Rice.
  • Andrew: Ravens.
  • George: Patriots.
  • Greyson's Dad: Ravens.
  • Rick: Ravens. New England's D is bad, Baltimore's is good. Big day for Flacco.

Seattle Seahawks (2-2) at Chicago Bears (4-1)
  • Peter: Bears. I'd pick the Bears even with Todd Collins playing -- which he's not -- and that's a pretty good indictment of the Seahawks. Look for Matt Forte to get off to a good start.
  • Andrew: Bears.
  • George: Seahawks.
  • Greyson's Dad: Bears.
  • Rick: Bears. The most over-rated team in football gets another gimme.

Miami Dolphins (2-2) at Green Bay Packers (3-2)
  • Peter: Packers. I make this prediction thinking Aaron Rodgers is going to play. He might, he might not. But he's going to have to make some serious adjustments to his game without Jermichael Finley and Donald Lee in his sights for the foreseeable future.
  • Andrew: Packers.
  • George: Packers.
  • Greyson's Dad: Packers.
  • Rick: Dolphins. Call me a fool, but I don't think GB can hold up with their injury situation against a quality team

Kansas City Chiefs (3-1) at Houston Texans (3-2)
  • Peter: Chiefs. Remember those thrilling days of yesteryear, when the Cleveland Browns were running for more than 300 yards against the Chiefs? Yep, that was all the way back in December. No more. Romeo Crennel's got the run defense fixed, which is bad news for Arian Foster's fantasy football owners.
  • Andrew: Texans. I still think the 3-1 Chiefs are some piece of NFL fan fiction written by some nerd in his mom's basement wearing an unwashed Elvis Grbac jersey.
  • George: Chiefs.
  • Greyson's Dad: Texans.
  • Rick: Texans.  I believe in the Texans this year. and don't think that Cassell is worth anything even against this bad of a pass D.

Detroit Lions (1-4) at New York Giants (3-2)
  • Peter: Giants. I worry about Eli Manning's interceptions, but not much else Giants-related in the past two weeks. Ahmad Bradshaw is emerging as a top NFL back (unless he keeps fumbling), the offensive line has regained its sea legs, Hakeem Nicks is the latter-day Plaxico Burress in terms of big plays, and the defensive front is approaching 2007 form.
  • Andrew: Giants. The Lions don't have this one in them.
  • George: Lions.
  • Greyson's Dad: Giants.
  • Rick: Giants. The Lions are not as bad as people think. but with the injuries and the Giants D, New York pulls through

Cleveland Browns (1-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1)
  • Peter: Steelers. Can't imagine a tougher career-opener for Colt McCoy, playing the Steelers of 2010 in Ben Roethlisberger's return. Unless it was facing the Steelers of 1976.
  • Andrew: Steelers. Cry for poor Colt McCoy, who is going to have the worst day ever. By the end of this game, I might be playing quarterback for the Browns. If this happens, I want Busta Capps to inherit all my action figures when he comes of age.
  • George: Steelers.
  • Greyson's Dad: Steelers.
  • Rick: Steelers. But let's all hope Ben gets carted off the field.

San Diego Chargers (2-3) at St. Louis Rams (2-3)
  • Peter: Chargers. Philip Rivers will hit Antonio Gates for a touchdown for the 10th straight game Sunday. It sounds crazy, but Rivers-to-Gates has a very good chance to go down in Chargers history as a better QB-to-TE combo than Fouts to Winslow.
  • Andrew: Chargers. The Rams will win a few more this year. Just not this one.
  • George: Chargers.
  • Greyson's Dad: Rams.
  • Rick: Chargers. I think the Chargers are soft. but they will win this game.

New Orleans Saints (3-2) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1)
  • Peter: Saints. Toughest game of the weekend to call. The Bucs are still playing the aw-shucks-we're-not-very-good card (that's how GM Mark Dominik reacted to me this week about their 3-1 start), but the Saints know better. Tampa Bay is building a dangerous defense with a prize 22-year-old quarterback and a better set of receivers than you think. This game could go either way. I see Drew Brees making two or three plays downfield, and that being the difference.
  • Andrew: Buccaneers. The Saints are kind of a mess, and the Bucs are a smart, efficient team. They will take advantage.
  • George: Saints.
  • Greyson's Dad: Saints.
  • Rick: Buccaneers. New Orleans hasn't looked good, and Tampa surprises them.

New York Jets (4-1) at Denver Broncons (2-3)
  • Peter: Jets. Sit, Darrelle, sit. And not just for this week either. The Jets have to bite the bullet and give Revis a minimum of three weeks off. If not, this hammy will flare up throughout the season and they'll be faced with Kyle Wilson covering Reggie Wayne or Mike Wallace in January. That's a losing proposition.
  • Andrew: Jets. Okay, I'm officially off the "The Jets will be a big disappointment" tip, though beating the Vikings hardly impresses me.
  • George: Jets.
  • Greyson's Dad: Jets.
  • Rick: Jets. I don't like Orton's chances against this D.

Oakland Raiders (2-3) at San Francisco 49ers (0-5)
  • Peter: 49ers. Best coaching decision of the week, surprisingly, was made by a coach having an awful year. Mike Singletary decided to stick it to the baying hounds calling for him to bench Alex Smith, which is wise. Smith has had some disastrous moments, to be sure. But he's the only quarterback on the roster who has a chance to lead the Niners out of the 0-5 morass. And he's shown in spurts the capability to lead some very good drives. I see the Raiders not pressuring Smith much, and the Niners giving him enough help for an efficient passing day.
  • Andrew: 49ers. Dammit, I'm picking them until they win.
  • George: 49ers.
  • Greyson's Dad: 49ers.
  • Rick: Raiders. Because anything is better than picking Alex Smith to win a game.

Dallas Cowboys (1-3) at Minnesota Vikings (1-3)
  • Peter: Vikings. This is a playoff game between two 1-3 lead balloons. Even in a very poor NFC this year, it's hard to imagine a 1-4 team with good division competition rebounding to make the postseason. The Vikings are crippled at cornerback, which could make for a huge Tony Romo day. Minnesota is also disadvantaged at quarterback, with injuries to Brett Favre's elbow and psyche. Randy Moss' emotional return to Minnesota will be enough, I think. Very big day for him, even with Mike Jenkins all over him.
  • Andrew: The Game of the Season so far, and between two 1-win teams. Amazing. This is the Stupor Bowl, and I really don't know how to pick it. Neither of these teams is making the postseason, but the loser is in real trouble, as in wrecking-the-next-two-season-for-the-franchise trouble. This is a loss you don't recover from without a change at head coach, quarterback, or some other massive adjustment. That said, the Cowboys look slightly less dysfunctional than the Vikings, for two reasons: 1) Romo is twice the quarterback Favre is right now (and I think Romo is massively overrated as well), and 2) because Minnesota's secondary is just awful. One week of hope for Dallas, marred by a 160+yard day for Randy Moss. And I predict that Brett Favre will retire mid-season...then string us along again next summer, only to opt anticlimactically to stay retired.
  • George: Vikings.
  • Greyson's Dad: Vikings. (How much is the world upside-down when Ryan is picking against the Cowboys and I am picking for them?)
  • Rick: Vikings. I see Jared Allen having 4 sacks and the home team coming through.

Indianapolis Colts (3-2) at Washington Redskins (3-2)
  • Peter: Colts. When I first saw this game on the NBC Sunday night sked, I said: "Four hundred-yard night for Peyton.'' Now I say: "Competitive game for 60 minutes.'' The way Brian Orakpo and LaRon Landry are attacking the line of scrimmage, I'd be surprised if the Redskins didn't have a shot, some shot, to win this game in the fourth quarter.
  • Andrew: Let me point out here that I was the only one to correctly pick a Redskins upset over the Packers last week, my first accurate pick for Washington all year. That said, the Colts will win this one, but the 'Skins will keep it closer than they have any right to. Indy is down right now, maybe all year, and the Redskins defense is in the unusual position of both giving up the most yards in the NFL while also being one of the most feared in the league. They just hit and hit and hit. I don't care if Washington doesn't win another game this year; the culture change in the organization has me more excited about the team than I have felt since 1991. I still predict an 8-8 finish, but they are going to be a trendy Super Bowl pick for 2011.
  • George: Redskins.
  • Greyson's Dad: Colts.
  • Rick: Colts. Peyton Manning vs. DeAngello Hall. I'll take Manning thanks.

Tennessee Titans (3-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2)
  • Peter: Titans. I'm starting to like Tennessee a lot. What's not to like, as long as Vince Young continues to play efficiently.
  • Andrew: Titans. They aren't exciting, but their workmanlike approach to the game will crush Jacksonville's sloppiness. What an awful Monday Night game.
  • George: Jaguars.
  • Greyson's Dad: Titans.
  • Rick: Titans. This might be a blow out.

Until next time: cheese armor ever!


Saturday, October 09, 2010

NFL Picks Week 5

So in week 4, I finally started looking like someone who knows a little something about football. So did the random coin flip, demonstrating just how useless it is to look like someone who knows a little something about football. In fact, we were all above .500, a nice change from week 3's bloodbath.

Last week's tally:

Peter King: 9-5 (38-24 on the season, a 613 win percentage)
Andrew Hamm: 10-4 (34-28, .548)
George Washington: 8-6 (28-34, .452)
Ryan Capps: 9-5 (38-24, .613)
Rick Olson: 10-4 (29-17, .630)

Ryan handed his picks in on time despite the fact that his wife Amber is overdue to deliver their first-yet-to-be-born. Bravo.

On with the picks, to the tune of Richmond's own Moruza.

Denver Broncons (2-2) at Baltimore Ravens (3-1)
  • Peter King: Ravens. Great test for the NFL's passing-yards leader, Kyle Orton (1,419), who is on a silly 5,676-yard pace. Baltimore's secondary is playing far, far better than anyone thought it would. I see a good duel here, with Orton getting his yards and Baltimore getting the win.
  • Andrew: Ravens. They showed me a lot last week against a very confident Steelers team. Orton is going to pass for a quarter-mile, but his running backs may end up with under 30 yards.
  • George: Ravens.
  • Ryan: Ravens.
  • Rick: Ravens.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2) at Buffalo Bills (0-4)
  • Peter King: Jaguars. Not exactly the game of the week. The NFL really was scraping for positive Bills info in the weekly game capsules written by the league's PR staff. Listen to this one: "Seven of WR-KR Roscoe Parrish's 10 receptions have been for first downs.'' Think about that for a second. Parrish is the Bills' speed guy. Seven of 10 receptions for first downs is actually a negative. Not to diss this game or anything.
  • Andrew: Jaguars. I still think the Bills could challenge for 0-16. I think they might find a way to go 0-17, honestly.
  • George: Bills.
  • Ryan: Jaguars.
  • Rick: Bills.
Switching to Kool Keith's Matthew because it sounds more like football.

Chicago Bears (3-1) at Carolina Panthers (0-4)
  • Peter King: Bears. Without the concussed Jay Cutler, missing the first game of his pro career due to injury, this one will be much closer than it should be. Todd Collins is going to need a very strong game from Matt Forte to avoid getting pummeled by the Panther rush.
  • Andrew: Panthers. Upset special of the week. Carolina is 0-4, but they are neither stupid nor soft. Relax, Bears fans. Your team will be just fine. Next week.
  • George: Panthers.
  • Ryan: Panthers.
  • Rick: Panthers.
Switching to Kool Keith's Black Elvis / Lost in Space because Matthew is too angry, scary and homophobic.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) at Cincinnati Bengals (2-2)
  • Peter King: Bengals. Rightfully, Carson Palmer has been targeted for the Bengals' bad start; he had a C-minus first month. But the offensive line and Cedric Benson need to gaze in the mirror Sunday in Cincinnati before this game and take some of the blame, too. Benson, the cornerstone of the Bengals running game, is rushing at a 3.3-yards-per-carry clip, a yard below last year. If that doesn't get fixed, neither will the Cincinnati offense.
  • Andrew: Bengals. But they are in big trouble.
  • George: Buccaneers.
  • Ryan: Bengals.
  • Rick: Bengals.

Atlanta Falcons (3-1) at Cleveland Browns (1-3)
  • Peter King: Browns. Eric Mangini on this generation's Norm Bulaich, Browns jumbo back Peyton Hillis: "Even I avoid him in the hallway.'' I say Hillis eats enough of the clock against the Falcons to make this my upset special.
  • Andrew: Falcons. I'm not buying it, King.
  • George: Browns. George, however is.
  • Ryan: Falcons.
  • Rick: Falcons.

 St. Louis Rams (2-2) at Detroit Lions (0-4)
  • Peter King: Rams. Toughest game to pick this weekend. Don't laugh. It is. I think the Lions shut down Steven Jackson, but Sam Bradford makes enough throws to put the Rams over .500 for the first time in October since the Cro-Magnon walked the earth.
  • Andrew: The Lions are playing tough; they're a good team for 0-4. But I think the Rams are better. I like Sam Bradford a ton. They're still going to be lucky to finish 6-10, but memories of when they were 3-2 will keep Detroit warm in January, looking forward to a bright 2011.
  • George: Lions.
  • Ryan: Rams.
  • Rick: Lions.

Now listening to Living Colour's Time's Up because Ray and Sera made me think of "Elvis Is Dead."

Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) at Indianapolis Colts (2-2)
  • Peter King: Colts. I'll bet you a triple latte that the Chiefs win time-of-possession and lose the game. The only way K.C. wins is to pound Thomas Jones and use Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster as speed men outside -- and to hope Peyton Manning gets his hands on the ball only six or seven possessions. Of course, that's been the formula of about 70 percent of the teams that have played the Colts, and you see how far that has gotten foes.
  • Andrew: Colts. I wouldn't take that bet, Pete. As much as the Lions are a good 0-4, the Chiefs are a lucky 3-0. The last unbeaten goes down this Sunday.
  • George: Chiefs.
  • Ryan: Colts.
  • Rick: Colts.

New York Giants (2-2) at Houston Texans (3-1)
  • Peter King: Texans. We could see 700 yards passing in this game. I can't see the Giants' defensive front embarrassing a good Houston offensive line the way it did Chicago's last week, though.
  • Andrew: Texans. I would love to watch this game.
  • George: Giants.
  • Ryan: Texans.
  • Rick: Giants.

Green Bay Packers (3-1) at Washington Redskins (2-2)
  • Peter King: Packers. Never thought after a month of the season I'd see this yards-per-attempt comparison between Donovan McNabb, with a poor wideout corps, and Aaron Rodgers, with a very good one: McNabb 7.92, Rodgers 7.70. Rodgers, in my mind, has to find Greg Jennings.
  • Andrew: Okay, I have picked every Redskins game wrong all year. They have lost the games I thought they would win and won the games I was sure they would lose. The team I know best in the whole damn league and I have missed every single pick. The logical thing to do would be to pick against them for the rest of the year, thus ensuring a 14-2 season, but that would be intellectually dishonest. Besides, I have sworn to use my powers of inaccurate prognostication for good, not evil. That said, I am picking the Redskins to shock the Packers this week. Green Bay has no running game without Ryan Clark, and they are not nearly as physical a team as Washington. I like Ryan Torain to rush for 85+ yards in this game, with a photo finish dependent on the teams' quarterbacks and secondaries. This will be a nail-biter. It also might be Washington's last win for a while.
  • George: Packers. Screw you, George.
  • Ryan: Packers.
  • Rick: Packers.

New Orleans Saints (3-1) at Arizona Cardinals (2-2)
  • Peter King: Saints. Max Hall, starting his NFL career, looks across the field in Glendale Sunday and sees the quarterback his coach thinks he has a prayer of becoming: Drew Brees. But on this day, there's only one cool Brees.
  • Andrew: Saints. I just can't see Max Hall beating the defending champs, even if the Saints are underplaying a bit this season.
  • George: Saints.
  • Ryan: Saints.
  • Rick: Saints.

Tennessee Titans (2-2) at Dallas Cowboys (1-2)
  • Peter King: Cowboys. For Chris Johnson to get untracked, offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger has to put the fear of Vince Young into defenses. Throw deep to Kenny Britt, Vince.
  • Andrew: Titans. Boy, I'd like to see this game happen in week 12 or 13. A close, sloppy one.
  • George: Cowboys.
  • Ryan: Cowboys.
  • Rick: Titans.

San Diego Chargers (2-2) at Oakland Raiders (1-3)
  • Peter King: Chargers. Remember when Jason Campbell was supposed to be the next Jim Plunkett?
  • Andrew: Chargers. Yeah, Peter, I do. And as long as the Raiders give up on development projects in week 2, they will continue to be the Raiders. 
  • George: Raiders. George just likes the name Gradkowski. It sounds like he should play for the Raiders in the '60s.
  • Ryan: Chargers.
  • Rick: Raiders.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-2) at San Francisco 49ers (0-4)
  • Peter King: 49ers. I am a sucker for those Niners, aren't I? I am falling on the Alex Smith sword this week. I see the good things he does and think, He's going to put it together one of these weeks and shock the world. ... Well, I say he has enough good weapons to shock Kevin Kolb and the Eagles Sunday night.
  • Andrew: I'm a sucker, too. The 49ers are too good to be 0-5, even if I think Mike Singletery is a bit cray-cray. And I just don't believe in Kevin Kolb.
  • George: 49ers.
  • Ryan: Eagles. Well, somebody's got to pick them.
  • Rick: Eagles.

Minnesota Vikings (1-2) at New York Jets (3-1)
  • Peter King: Jets. I made this pick for the magazine on Monday morning, before the Randy Moss trade. I'm sticking with it, in part because I think Brett Favre would rather be anywhere but the Meadowlands Monday night, and the Jets are going to pressure him heavily.
  • Andrew: Jets. How awesome is it that this game is on Monday night? Randy Moss will make an impact early, even if he doesn't catch a pass. But it won't be enough to bring a disjointed Vikings offense past an extremely tough and increasingly unified Jets team. I still think the Jets aren't half as good as they think they are, but they are better than the Vikings this week.
  • George: Jets.
  • Ryan: Vikings. Well, somebody's got to pick them.
  • Rick: Jets.


Saturday, October 02, 2010

NFL Picks Week 4

Last week's tally:

Peter King: 9-7 (29-19 on the season, .604 win percentage)
Andrew Hamm: Once again 8-8 (24-24, .500)
George Washington: 6-10 (20-28, .417)
Ryan Capps: 10-6 (29-19, .604)
Rick Olson: 8-8 (19-13, .594)

To the accompaniment of Bruce Cockburn's World of Wonders:

San Francisco 49ers (0-3) at Atlanta Falcons (2-1)
  • Peter: Falcons. Closer than you think, right? One reason: Alex Smith. I think he plays a heck of a game with the new freedoms of a new offensive coordinator, Mike Johnson.
  • Andrew: Falcons. The Niners are a mess. Atlanta is not a team to get good against. Alex Smith has gotten more than enough time to impress.
  • George: Falcons.
  • Ryan: Falcons.
  • Rick: Falcons.

New York Jets (2-1) at Buffalo Bills (0-3)
  • Peter: Jets. Jets in 2010: Twelve quarters, one turnover. So even though the offense is doing its share of stopping and starting (more to come on this subject in my Friday Game Plan), they're not giving away any easy points. And, by the way, the Jets have allowed three points, total, in three fourth quarters. I don't expect Darrelle Revis to play in Orchard Park, and I don't expect it will matter.
  • Andrew: Jets. The awful Bills will hand the Jets a win, raising hopes with 12 weeks left to dash them.
  • George: Bills.
  • Ryan: Jets.
  • Rick: Jets.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) at Cleveland Browns (0-3)
  • Peter: Browns. My buddy Ross Tucker and I hosted the Sirius NFL Radio Opening Drive show Wednesday, and uber-bright stats guru Brian Burke (of came on. One of the things he said is something I was thinking coming off last weekend's games, when the Bengals did little right except win (and punt) at Carolina, and Cleveland had a formidable game at Baltimore. (The Browns are rushing for 4.5 yards a carry, by the way, and center Alex Mack is one of the most underrated linemen in football.) Burke said Cleveland's better, and the Browns just might be.
  • Andrew: Browns. This is just one of those rivalry games that an obvious loser sometimes wins.
  • George: Browns.
  • Ryan: Bengals.
  • Rick: Bengals.

Detroit Lions (0-3) at Green Bay Packers (2-1)
  • Peter: Packers. One more week (at least) for Matt Stafford to rehab, which is a shame on many levels. The Lions need Stafford to make this a game. Aaron Rodgers was splendid in defeat Monday night, and I'm looking forward to a decade of Rodgers-Stafford NFC North duels.
  • Andrew: Packers. This will be a tight one, I think, and a Detroit win would not shock me. 
  • George: Packers.
  • Ryan: Packers.
  • Rick: Packers.

Carolina Panthers (0-3) at New Orleans Saints (2-1)
  • Peter: Saints. The final weeks of John Fox are not going to be pretty. The Panthers have the Saints in two of the next five games ... and they close at Pittsburgh, at Atlanta. Let The Cowher Watch begin.
  • Andrew: Saints. Carolina is just really bad.
  • George: Saints.
  • Ryan: Saints.
  • Rick: Saints.

 Baltimore Ravens (2-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0)
  • Peter: Ravens. This is now the best rivalry in football, and it's got a particular charm this week with Ben Roethlisberger sitting out the final game of his four-game suspension, and fourth-stringer Charlie Batch making the start, staring down the barrel of Ray Lewis. Funny thing: The Steelers are 4-1 over Baltimore since the start of 2008, with Roethlisberger quarterbacking the four wins and Dennis Dixon the one loss. But it's not just Big Ben missing from the Men of Steel. Santonio Holmes, who tormented Rex Ryan and Greg Mattison over the past few years, is gone, too. The combination of those losses, plus the addition of Anquan Boldin to pep up the Ravens' offense, has everything to do with this pick.
  • Andrew: Ravens. The Steelers string of impossibility ends at the hands of the Ravens defense.
  • George: Steelers. Six tails in a row. This is beginning to feel like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.
  • Ryan: Ravens.
  • Rick: Ravens.

Seattle Seahawks (2-1) at St. Louis Rams (1-2)
  • Peter: Rams. Key stat of the game revolves around St. Loo actually being able to bother the passer and play pass defense. The Rams, believe it or not, are allowing quarterbacks to complete 54.5 percent of their throws. Memo to Rams special teams coordinator Tom McMahon: Might want to squib kick your kickoffs. Leon Washington's pretty good.
  • Andrew: Rams. St. Louis showed me a lot last week, though it may have been an illusion cast by the Redskins doing their best impression of a duck-billed broncon. 
  • George: Rams.
  • Ryan: Seahawks.
  • Rick: Rams.

Denver Broncons (1-2) at Tennessee Titans (2-1)
  • Peter: Titans. The Broncos are awful running it (2.5 per rush), and that's going to doom them in Nashville. If Laurence Maroney's the answer, my name's Joe Don Looney.
  • Andrew: Titans. I don't get the reference, Peter. 
  • George: Broncons. Finally, he picks a visiting team.
  • Ryan: Titans.
  • Rick: Titans.

Indianapolis Colts (2-1) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2)
  • Peter: Colts. The Colts have won the last three in the series by seven, two and four points. The Jags are in no condition to keep this one close, not coming off consecutive 25-point thrashings.
  • Andrew: Colts. Cracker, please. 
  • George: Colts.
  • Ryan: Colts.
  • Rick: Colts.

Houston Texans (2-1) at Oakland Raiders (1-2)
  • Peter: Texans. Raiders giving up 4.6 yards per rush. Arian Foster gaining 5.9 per rush. If Houston's secondary weren't so green, this would be a rout.
  • Andrew: Texans. I've picked the Raiders with nothing but disastrous results this year.
  • George:Texans.
  • Ryan: Texans.
  • Rick: Texans.

Washington Redskins (1-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)
  • Peter: Eagles. Nice day for Donovan McNabb; I feel a loud cheer coming when he makes his way onto the Linc field Sunday. Better day for Michael Vick, who will whisper in McNabb's ear after the game: "I owe you so much for helping me get here.''
  • Andrew: Eagles. I have been wrong about the Redskins every week so far. I have no idea what to expect from this team from one week to the next. 
  • George: Redskins.
  • Ryan: Eagles.
  • Rick: Redskins.

Arizona Cardinals (2-1) at San Diego Chargers (1-2)
  • Peter: Chargers. It's not often a coach can coach 200 NFL games and keep his job while being under .500. But Norv Turner, including playoffs, is 95-104-1, and even though he and A.J. Smith have a very good working relationship, and the Chargers won 13 games last year, Turner can't keep losing to the Kansas Citys and the Seattles if he wants job security.
  • Andrew: Chargers. I'm with you, Pete. I don't know how Norv Turner still has a job. His primary skill as a coach seems to be giving people the idea that his team is going to be AWESOME next year. Every year.
  • George: Cardinals.
  • Ryan: Chargers.
  • Rick: Chargers.

Chicago Bears (3-0) at New York Giants (1-2)
  • Peter: Bears. The Giants will be a desperate, angry team Sunday night, but they're not better than the Bears (though sometimes in the NFL that doesn't matter as much as the desperation). If I'd seen the Giants play with any consistency in the first 12 quarters, I'd be inclined to have them win a game they have to have. But I haven't seen the Giants' big players -- Eli Manning, Justin Tuck, Steve Smith -- play big so far, and the first three weeks of the season have been highlight-filled by Chicago's Jay Cutler and Brian Urlacher, among other Bears. If I were Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, I'd be sending the house at Cutler, trying to force him into errors. But I'm not sure that'll win this game.
  • Andrew: Bears. I'm a Bear-liever.
  • George: Bears.
  • Ryan: Giants.
  • Rick: Giants.

New England Patriots (2-1) at Miami Dolphins (2-1)
  • Peter: Dolphins. Until the Patriots improve their pass defense (foes are completing 69 percent of their throws), they're the third-best team in the division.
  • Andrew: Patriots. I'm pretty shaky about this pick.
  • George: Dolphins.
  • Ryan: Patriots.
  • Rick: Dolphins.