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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Doug Wilder is a Pair of Clown Shoes

What a freaking pair of clown shoes mayor L. Douglas "Napoleon" Wilder is. I can't wait to move into the Richmond City limits next month so I can not vote for him. Even if he doesn't or can't run again, I will take great pleasure in filling out a ballot for Not Him.

Mayor Clown Shoes (his new official name on this blog) evicted the Richmond School Board from City Hall last night at 5:30, getting movers to take all their stuff out. The School Board and City Council have been among the mayor's greatest opponents, mainly because they have the audacity to have different ideas than Clown Shoes occasionally.

The eviction comes after the Clown Shoes office announced that investigators had evidence that a computer in the office of Council President William J. Pantele had been used to access pornography online. No contacting his office or the School Board first, just a press release.

Apparently, the School Board move has been discussed as a cost-saving measure for a few years. But it's typical Clown Shoes nonsense to make an autocratic decision without actually consulting or informing anyone--twice in one afternoon, no less.

In the wee hours of the morning, a judge ruled that all the materials had to be returned to the offices. The judge was astonished that total strangers (the movers) had access to children's personal information in school board files, and commanded that the files be returned to safety and security.

Good old Clown Shoes. No risk (to innocent children) is too great to make a point about how powerful you are. Whip it out, Mr. Mayor, for all to see. The man simply cannot conceive of the idea that any initiative not originating with him has merit. This is what we get for our first elected mayor in decades? Give me corruption over this arrogant, ignorant incompetence.

Times-Dispatch article.

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