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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Musical Christmas for Andrew

New albums come out this week by both T-Bone Burnett and Sam Phillips, probably my two favorite songwriters not named Joe Jackson. I'm headed out to Plan 9 to get both Burnett's The Tooth of Crime and Phillips' Don't Do Anything today. Reviews soon.

On the subject of music, Karen and I went to the Progressive Nation 2008 show at the National last Tuesday. Dang, is that a great place to see a concert! Dream Theater headlined and were amazing, and Between the Buried and Me and Opeth were big hits (though I didn't much care for them), but the discovery of the night was Three, the band that started the whole shebang. Prog music fans should look them up; they are something special.

QUICK EDIT: The new Sam is magnificent. She just gets better and better.

I'm having a harder time getting into T-Bone's new joint; there's a lot of spoken-word, which I like from him, but I like his melodies a lot too. After one spin, I found myself digging out The Talking Animals for a listen. Theatre fans: you may recognize Tooth of Crime as the title of a Sam Shepard play. This album is indeed the score from a 1996 production of the play, and Shepard co-writes the album's final track.

Bigger reviews soon.



  • At 6/06/2008 1:46 PM , Anonymous philip hamm said...

    Yeah, I'm going to miss Sam Phillips at Border's at Tyson's Corner on Sunday. She's at 3PM. Bart's wedding is more important. Ineed to get her new record.

  • At 6/23/2008 8:27 AM , Anonymous Phil said...

    Thought I'd throw this in here...... New King's X sounds great so far. Ordering the new Extreme today.

  • At 6/23/2008 9:27 AM , Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

    "Star" from the new Extreme sounds freaking GREAT.

  • At 6/24/2008 8:32 AM , Anonymous phil said...

    Yeah, but we have to wait till August. The new King's X is good.

  • At 6/26/2008 8:31 AM , Anonymous phil hamm said...

    Check that - the new King's X is AMAZING.


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