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Friday, July 27, 2007

Houston, We Have a Drinking Problem

I stole this blog title from ABC News because it was too good not to use.

Here's the AP report:

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Despite safety warnings from its own doctors, NASA let astronauts fly drunk on at least two occasions, an independent panel said in a report released Friday.

The report gave no names and did not say when the drinking occurred, how many astronauts were involved, or whether they were flying on the space shuttle, the Russian Soyuz spaceship, or aboard NASA's training jets.

NASA officials let them fly even after flight surgeons and fellow astronauts raised concerns that safety might be jeopardized, according to the report, done by a panel created by NASA after the arrest of astronaut Lisa Nowak in February on charges she tried to kidnap her rival in a love triangle.

In a statement Friday, NASA said that it is unaware of any astronauts who were drunk before a flight but that it is investigating. It said the panel failed to give the space agency any details of the allegations.

NASA has long had a policy that prohibited any drinking in the 12 hours before an astronaut flies a training jet. As a result of the panel's report, the space agency said the policy will be applied to spaceflights, too.

The panel said that astronauts and flight surgeons told the committee about heavy drinking by crew members just before flights. Also, the panel said alcohol is freely used in the crew quarters, where astronauts are quarantined at the Kennedy Space Center in the three days before launch.

Only four paragraphs of the 12-page report dealt with alcohol use by astronauts.

"Two specific instances were described where astronauts had been so intoxicated prior to flight that flight surgeons and-or fellow astronauts raised concerns to local on-scene leadership regarding flight safety," the panel. "However, the individuals were still permitted to fly."
The eight-member panel included experts in aerospace medicine and medical legal matters, and clinical psychiatrists.

The panel said that NASA is not set up in such a way to deal with alcohol use by astronauts.

"The medical certification of astronauts for flight duty is not structured to detect such episodes, nor is any medical surveillance program by itself likely to detect them or change the pattern of alcohol use," the panel wrote.

The panel recommended that NASA hold individuals and supervisors accountable for responsible use of alcohol, and that policies be instituted involving drinking before flight.

In another finding, the panel reported that flight surgeons' medical opinions were not valued by higher-ups. Several senior flight surgeons told the panel that officials only wanted to hear that all medical systems "were 'go' for on-time mission completion."

The flight surgeons told the panel that higher-ups in NASA were notified of "major crew medical or behavioral problems," but that the flight surgeons' medical advice was ignored.

"This disregard was described as 'demoralizing' to the point where they said they are less likely to report concerns of performance decrement," the panel wrote. "Crew members raised concerns regarding substandard astronaut task performance which were similarly disregarded."

Fourteen astronauts, all but one with spaceflight experience, were interviewed by the panel, as well as five family members. All volunteered to take part in the review. In addition, eight flight surgeons were interviewed.

First of all, daaaaamn.

Before the entire nation descends in fire and blades on NASA, I just want to say this: Do we really expect that NASA should have to tell anyone that drinking and driving a vehicle that costs four billion dollars a year to operate and which is full of enough highly-explosive propellant to melt Miami is a bad idea? Seriously, if I'm on tour for Richmond Shakespeare and I drive the van drunk and crash it, is it because Richmond Shakespeare didn't tell me I shouldn't, or is it because I'm a colossal dumbass?

I just hope we spend as much effort blaming individuals for their individual acts of galactic stupidity as we do labeling NASA's assumption that astronauts have common sense as "oversight."

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  • At 7/27/2007 3:25 PM , Blogger Scott Wichmann said...

    Officials tell ABC news that the pilot's name is 'Tony Stark...' nice how your two blog posts today have something in common!!

    "Do we really expect that NASA should have to tell anyone that drinking and driving a vehicle that costs four billion dollars a year to operate and which is full of enough highly-explosive propellant to melt Miami is a bad idea?"

    Can't wait to see the IRON MAN film to find out!!

  • At 7/27/2007 3:46 PM , Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, quite an interesting pair of blogs today.

    I think I'll go drink a fifth of vodka before drumming tonight. After all, no one told me it would be a bad idea.

  • At 7/31/2007 1:58 PM , Anonymous Jacquie O. said...

    Wait a sec...there is the drinking of frosty adults beverages in space!!! Why was I not told about this sooner? Does anyone know how much these independent flights into space for civilians cost?


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