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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This Blog's Reading Level

Apparently, I don't sound as smart as I think I am. According to the Blog Readability Test, the PRM only rates Junior High School level.

I shall endeavor to include larger, fancier words, such as semiotics, paradigm, and Artaud to improve this rating in the future. I feel certain that actual readability will plummet as my readabilityometer rises.



  • At 11/14/2007 9:18 AM , Anonymous phil hamm said...

    Maybe you should refrain from using words like "readabilityometer" and "jerkface". Doing so may make your readability go to higher academic levels, but will also make your blog less entertaining.

  • At 11/14/2007 10:01 AM , Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

    Hey, I think "jerkface" adds a certain panache. Ooh, "panache!" That's a good one! I encourage all readers to end their posts with a stream of pretentious five-dollar words.

    Mesozoic! Alacrity! Perpendicular! Gertrude Stein! Das Kapital!


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