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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back in New York City!

With The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway running through my head, I'm in Manhattan for a couple days. Karen and I lived here from 1997-1999, and I was largely miserable. I haven't been back since 2001.

Holy cow am I having a great time.

James Bond and I saw The Dark Knight at 11:15 last night, and there is nothing like watching a movie with New Yorkers. So much applause for the Joker!

We had breakfast at the Galaxy Diner in Hell's Kitchen the day after having lunch at the Galaxy Diner in Carytown. My car got towed overnight (poor Tardis), but the overnight lot fee is cheaper than overnight parking, so I'll pick it up tomorrow. James bought me a manicure and pedicure; my first, and they won't be my last. I'm headed over to the TKTS booth to buy a show ticket for tonight, and I may see another one tomorrow afternoon. I'm also planning to go to Don't Tell Mama for drinks and to sing. I'll write about whatever shows I see.


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