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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pellot-Rosa Already Competitive With Jets!

Okay, so it's at bowling, but still! Jesse played in this week's annual charity bowling tourtament between the Jets and Giants rookies. An excerpt from Randy Lange's article:

It's a different kind of grind for Jesse Pellot-Rosa, who used to be a basketball player for Virginia Commonwealth until the Jets brought him in as a WR tryout for their minicamp and liked him enough to sign him up for training camp.

"It's fun and good to take your mind away from your playbook and the workouts," Pellot-Rosa said. "The playbook — I didn't know it was going to be so big."

For as long as Pellot-Rosa is around, he figures to be a cut-up. Even though he and top draft pick Darrelle Revis were bowling on different lanes, he came by to heckle Revis as he was about to bowl.

The Pitt cornerback showed his trademark concentration as he ignored Pellot-Rosa to roll his third consecutive strike, then the next frame to pick up a 6-10 spare.


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