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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Old-School Red Sox Fans Versus New

It comes with success in sports: the fair-weather fans. The bandwagoners. And the Red Sox certainly have their share these days, knuckleheads masquerading as chowdaheads, who know Youkilis but don't know Yazstremski.

Okay, give them a little credit for taste. Welcome to the party. Congratulations on knowing Youkilis, and not just Ortiz and Manny.

But there's a conundrum: how can you tell the difference between old school Red Sox fans and new?

As of this writing, the Red Sox are 63-40, 7-3 in their last 10, best record in baseball, and 8 games up on the second-place Yankee$. Their 8-game lead is by far the biggest division lead in baseball.

Here's how you tell the difference.

The new-school fans say, "All right! We're eight games up on the Yankees!"

The old-school fans say, "Oh, man. We're only eight games up on the Yankees..."

(Special thanks to Liz Blake for being a good listener while I figured this out last night.)

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  • At 7/30/2007 11:41 AM , Anonymous Philip Hamm said...

    Spelling the Yankees name with a dollar sign when you're a Red Sox fan is kind of ridiculous. :)

  • At 7/30/2007 6:12 PM , Blogger Joey Fanelli said...

    Poor Flordia.

  • At 7/31/2007 12:57 AM , Blogger Scott Wichmann said...

    I have addressed this topic on my latest blog post-- come on over!!

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