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Monday, December 03, 2007

"A Christmas Carol for Two Actors" Opens!

Dear friends,

Please come to see A Christmas Carol for Two Actors, which opened last weekend at the Richmond Shakespeare Theatre.

Grant Mudge, who co-adapted the script with Cynde Liffick, returns (of course) as Scrooge et cetera, joined (and in his own estimation completely overshadowed) by Julie Phillips, one of my favorite actors in the world, playing Marley, Cratchit, all three ghosts, and everything else. Julie played seven or so characters in Richard II and every time I see her work she reminds me of so many things I love about acting.

This show is always special, but this year it's extra-special. Three more weeks, with live musical sing-along before Friday and Saturday night shows. all 1-866-BARD-TIX for tickets!

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