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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Whitlock on Bonds

Another great piece of opinion from Jason Whitlock, including a Bill Clinton reference.

An excerpt:

If Barry goes to jail, it’s because he chose 756 over freedom. Vanity short-circuited his common sense.

He could’ve copped to everything when the investigators interviewed him years ago and disappeared like Mark McGwire.

Bonds already had enormous wealth. A legacy, an important one, in baseball was already secured.

He wanted baseball’s most hallowed record, and he wanted it untarnished, so, in my opinion, he manipulated the truth.

He didn’t have to. I’ve never pitied Bonds, and I don’t today, even though he’s facing charges that could conceivably land him in jail for 30 years.

What I’ve always rejected is the silly notion that bringing down Bonds would somehow cleanse baseball and the sports world. It doesn’t. It doesn’t even begin the process. It does just the opposite.

The prosecution of Barry Bonds simply gives Bud Selig and all the other owners of professional sports franchises another fig leaf to hide their culpability in America’s steroids arms race.

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