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Friday, December 21, 2007

Coming Full Circle with Dan Fogelberg

I swung by Best Buy in Short Pump on the off-chance of finding one of the many Fogelberg albums I don't have, and surprise! They had Full Circle, his 2003 final album.

I've just started listening to it, and it is just delightful. It's a real throwback to his early sounds and influences, complete with a downright country Gene Clark song. Most amusing of all is the "Musicians" list, which begins:

Dan Fogelberg - all guitars (electric, acoustic, lead, rhythm, and otherwise), mandolin, bass, piano, keyboards, percussion, lead and background vocals).

I am reminded of the credits for the Who's Quadrophenia, which read:

Roger Daltrey - vocals
John Entwistle - bass, horns
Keith Moon - drums
Pete Townshend - remainder

Anyway, I'll post a more complete review when I get a couple listens.



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