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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, family and friends!

Aunt Ginny gave me a bunch of awesome Redskins and Red Sox stuff!

I love the Redskins Crocs, even though Karen thinks Crocs are the stupidest thing in the universe.

She gave Karen some cool Christmas oven mitts. She's flashing holiday gang signs in this picture.

I gave Karen Terri Irwin's book, Steve & Me.

Karen gave me some shirts and fun stuff, but the best present was the home improvement book. Isn't a wife giving her husband a home improvement book as a gift the same thing as me giving her a vacuum cleaner?!

Mercutio and Sebastian enjoy the day as well. We gave Mr. M a puppy chew toy, which he and I played with quite violently. It's a pink bunny rabbit (he loves pink toys) with a loop for me to hold it by. Mr. S just likes to lie down on my pile of loot.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Auburn to visit Karen's family. We'll probably be largely out of email communication until we get back Saturday night.

Everyone be safe and good this Christmas! The blessings of Christ's birth be upon everyone on Earth!


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