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Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Joe Jackson!

Joe Jackson's first new album in five years (a very long time by JJ standards) came out this week! The mailman just delivered my signed copy!

I'll review it as soon as I can get around to listening to it all. All I know is that the whole album is piano trio with JJ on keys, Graham Maby on bass, and Dave Houghton on drums. The first track, "Invisible Man," at least, is vintage freaking Joe.

Frank Creasy and I are sacrificing our chance to see him at the 9:30 Club on April 10 in favor of doing some silly Shakespeare thing...

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  • At 1/31/2008 10:30 PM , Blogger Frank Creasy said...

    Only Richmond Shakes could keep me from a Joe Jackson concert, man! You should feel privileged INDEED!

    But I look forward to your thoughts as perhaps the only person I know with more knowledge of the man than myself (I must admit to significant gaps of familiarity with his work beyond the 80's). Yet this visionary artist is one who has constantly evolved and grown with the passing years. We may not see his like again in our lifetime, so it's essential that we relish him. This is an artist who has not only been unafraid to take risks, he runs to EMBRACE them at every turn. He IS the man! (and he's making a comeback!)

  • At 2/01/2008 8:30 AM , Anonymous Philip Hamm said...

    The competition widens.

    I do not have this in my grubby hands yet, Amazon is holding out on me*!!!

    *actually I selected "super saver shipping" so I'm probably waiting for something.

    But I've heard "Invisible Man" and many other new songs from the record live a couple times so I have an idea what to expect.

  • At 2/01/2008 9:04 AM , Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

    I've heard the first four songs thus far. Holy smokes it's good.

  • At 2/01/2008 10:27 AM , Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

    Just finished listening, while writing blogs.

    Holy. ####.

    Is it possible that Joe is actually getting much, much better over the years? This album is Night and Day, Body and Soul good.


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