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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Vote for "The Amazing Screw-On Head!"

Fans of comics, sci-fi, humor, and Abraham Lincoln: do yourself a huge favor and go to to watch the online pilot for The Amazing Screw-On Head! featuring the art of Mike Mignola and the voices of Paul Giamatti, David Hyde Pierce, and Molly Shannon.

The Amazing Screw-On Head is based on one of the most beloved one-shot comics of all time, created by Hellboy mastermind Mike Mignola. The Sci Fi Channel created this pilot, never aired it, and almost canned it last year. A Screw-On Head series would be among the greatest things in television history. Watch the show and take the survey!

To pique your interest, a summary: In 1862, President Lincoln sends his robotic secret agent, Screw-On Head (a head with interchangeable bodies), and his trusty manservant Mr. Groin, to investigate the theft of a dangerous evil scroll by Emperor Zombie--who just happens to be Screw-On Head's undead once-trusted friend! Where else can you hear an ancient demigod intent on ruling the earth get so angry that he mutters, "I am just beside myself."?


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