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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Two of the Best Tackles I've Ever Seen

Well, the Seattle Seahawks have not had the kind of season I was expecting, but they just clowned the Dallas Cowboys 21-20, winning even though Dallas had the ball inside the red zone with under two minutes to play.

On 3rd and 7 at the Seattle 9, Tony Romo threw to Jason Witten, who was tackled ferociously by Lofa Tatupu and Julian Peterson (mostly Tatupu) at the 1. After a very Dallas-friendly spot, 1st down was signalled, but the booth reviewed it and moved the ball (correctly) back a foot, negating the conversion. With every slow-motion replay, Tatupu's tackle looked more incredible. Witten didn't advance an inch after Tatupu hit, saving 1st and goal.

Then, on 4th down, the Cowboys lined up for a chip shot field goal. But the ball slipped out of holder Romo's hands, and his frantic scramble to the left was stopped by a shoelace tackle from Seahawk Jordan Babineaux--again, just inches short of the first down. Get used to seeing that play, Cowboy fans: that film is going to be a postseason highlight forever. The Seahawks took over, drove down the field, punted, and batted down Romo's Hail Mary. Game over, man.

Too bad, so sad. The Cowboys have lost their last six playoff games in a row (beginning with the '96 Divisional game) and this Redskins fan couldn't be happier to watch them be repeatedly humiliated. Come to think of it, the Redskins have enjoyed a couple of massively embarrassing wins over the Cowboys in the last couple years...

Do you scoff when people say "Defense wins championships?" Scoff no more. Basic, fundamental tackling won this game for Seattle. Well, tackling and Tony Romo's butterfingers.

I freaking hate Tony Romo. Let's look at a picture of him getting a humiliating smackdown:

By the way, they have finally done a Coors Light press conference commercial using the famous Jim Mora "P--p--playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs!" footage. I approve.


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