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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sorry I'm So Cranky and Conservative This Week.

Title says it all. Please don't stop reading because I'm channeling Glenn Beck and William F. Buckley this week. One of these days Ill write about one of the thing's I'm super-lefty about, like gun control, education, or the death penalty. I've just been reading a lot of stuff that's gotten me all riled up lately. Last night's Doctor Faustus discussion at Reveille UMC has me feeling really self-righteous about the minority science movements I follow, too. And I had a dental exam today, so I'm uber-cranky.

No fillings or root canals this time, at least!


  • At 3/01/2007 4:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I was wondering what was wrong with you...the globe warming come on! I am going to go right out there and purchase a big ass Hummer!

    Glad you had no cavities!

  • At 3/03/2007 2:25 AM , Blogger Scott Wichmann said...

    You know, it's funny-- I've been just as 'lefty' as you've been 'righty' this week, and rather perturbed as well.

    BUT-- I have also suprised myself by the Conservative in me rearing his rational head... I was watching hardball with Chris Matthews, and former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich was on talking about the 'positive' long-term effects of globalization in the economy, and he was getting hammered by Pat Buchanan (Who I absolutely love listening to-- probably my favorite conservative commentator) and I was nodding my head as Buchanan took him apart on every single point. I don't think we should be having a 500 point drop every time China has the hiccups. I think the furniture industry should still be thriving in North Carolina. I think more US exports means stronger unions and better protections for skilled workers. As it is, the good jobs are going away and they ain't coming back. Thanks, Bubba.

    Other points on which I agree with the right:

    -Nancy Pelosi NEEDS to cut William Jefferson loose NOW. How can a 'Zero tolerance policy' allow a guy who steals $90,000 in his freezer to be on a homeland security task force??

    -The Senate dems need to shit or get off the pot with this 'non-binding resolution' crap. If you honestly believe that we should get out of Iraq (which yes, I do, and I'm not afraid to SAY it) then PUT UP OR SHUT UP and introduce BINDING legislation-- do what we voted you in to do, even if you think it is unpopular!!

    I was also interviewed this week by a Cleveland Plain-dealer columonist because of my support for Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) for President. Dennis is a strong Union Man, and he's cut from the cloth of Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King, jr. I'll share the article with you soon...

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we all experience the same thing no matter where we fall on thepolitical spectrum...

  • At 3/03/2007 2:26 AM , Blogger Scott Wichmann said...

    And apparently, I cannot spell anymore. FCUK!!

  • At 3/03/2007 7:31 AM , Blogger Frank Creasy said...

    And my random two cents:

    -- I don't know the answers to the global economy conundrum. But I DO know from my corporate job experience (and as a consumer) that while goods and services can be produced more cheaply "offshore" (translation: NOT IN AMERICA), you get what you pay for. Customers vote with their wallets, and as companies lose business to competitors who offer real QUALITY, albeit at a slightly higher price, the light bulb begins to come on. Dear God, let's hope the worm is starting to turn.

    --The Dems have some folks with good ideas, but they need to get a collective pair to stand together for something. Pelosi provides better photo ops by far than Dame Hillary, but shows little promise of offering a more balanced perspective. Iraq is out of control, and our interests there are no longer being served...but we need something more substantial than "bring the troops home" to hang our hat on. The threat isn't gone, it just keeps moving around in bomb-laden cars with would-be martyrs. The REAL target, besides our troops? The global economy we've been discussing. They're fanatical, these Muslim extremists, but they're savvy as well. Give me some solid plans on dealing with them, and you'll likely get my vote. Shove the pussified non-binding resolution crap back up where it belongs.

    -- I'm up before 7 on a Saturday, Scott's up at 2:30...must mean opening dates are causing people to lose sleep! (That's certainly the case for Andrew and me - AUGGHHHH!!!)

    -- Regarding Scott's suggestion on another posting that he and Andrew do a sitcom called "Right and Left"...could I play the wacky upstairs neighbor who drives a Peugot and votes Liberarian???

  • At 3/03/2007 8:48 AM , Blogger Andrew Hamm said...


    Can't wait to read the Plain Dealer piece. Kucinich is a fascinating man, and one I admire a lot.

    I can't even think about Pat Buchanan without hearing Dana Carvey's John McLaughlin: "WRONG! Pat Buchanan!"

    It astonishes me that William Jefferson even has a job, much less one in the Washington. "Zero tolerance?" "Cleaning up corruption?" You said it.

    "Right and Left" needs a stereo laugh track to tell the TV audience whether they're red-state laughers or blue-state laughers.


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