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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Whitlock on Duke Lacrosse and Epidemic Victimhood

Once more we turn to the Kansas City Star and sports sage Jason Whitlock, who goes from Duke Lacrosse to Rutgers Women's Basketball in the blink of an eye. Here's the link.

An excerpt: long as we’re victims, we’re not responsible for our salvation or progress. This mind-set must be rejected.

And so does the tradition of passing old bitterness onto our young people. America has made tremendous racial progress. This cannot be denied. It is fact. We make a mistake when we spend more time preparing young people for the racism that they will surely face in America rather than preparing them for the opportunities that await them.

If the message to black youths is that America is racist and set up to prevent their success, we cannot be surprised that black youths have embraced a culture (hip-hop) that expresses hopelessness and negative values.

Just as a divorced/single parent can permanently damage the psyche of a child by burdening them with their feelings of hurt and despair toward the other parent, an adult can do the same thing to young people by feeding them their racial animosity.

No matter how valid your feelings of victimhood, they do not empower the sympathizers you try to recruit. Your feelings of victimhood oppress.

Your fundamental belief that you control your destiny empowers you and strikes fear in the people who try to limit your success.

His assault on Nancy Grace is also priceless.

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