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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Richmond's Peregrine Falcons Are Alive!

Feared dead after disappearing recently, Richmond's nesting pair of endangered peregrine falcons have set up a new nest under the Lee Bridge.


This is the fifth year the falcons have nested in Richmond. Last year, their home was a 21st-story walkway of Riverfront Plaza at 901 E. Byrd St.

The first three years, they nested on a 17th-story balcony of the nearby First National Bank Building.

No one knows why the birds decided to move to the bridge.

But "peregrine" means likely to wander, which refers to the birds' tendency to fly great distances. For them, a half-mile to a new home is nothing.

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  • At 3/21/2007 8:09 PM , Blogger Joey Fanelli said...

    I like how people (whichever people are in charge of such things) aren't just sticking them into some zoo to try and repopulate the birds. Zoos are great and all, but I think that endangered species have a better chance of surviving in their natural surroundings, even if their "natural surroundings" are atop a building or under a bridge.


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