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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Migration???" Seriously?????

President Bush, in Mexico to discuss illegal immigration, chose not to use the term "illegal immigration" in favor of the more Mexi-friendly migration. So what, illegal aliens are geese now? Or monarch butterflies??

Blood is shooting out of my ears. This guy drives me CRAZY.

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  • At 3/15/2007 2:02 AM , Blogger Paperboy said...

    He's the reason I voted Libertarian last time.

  • At 3/15/2007 5:39 PM , Blogger Scott Wichmann said...

    Blood shoots out of my ears everytime he opens his mouth. We've got to solve this immigration problem in a rational, sensible way, with dignity for the people who have earned citizenship through the proper channels, but without losing compassion for the plight of those who are already here. The problem is, Bush's policies (Patriot Act) make it easier to deport those who have already earned citizenship through the proper channels with little or no actual evidence or due process, yet the virtual serfdom of migrant workers goes on and on. Ridiculous. I'm about to knaw my own arm off. Wait, no. I'm a vegetarian.

  • At 3/15/2007 5:40 PM , Blogger Scott Wichmann said...

    That's 'Gnaw', my arm off. Spelling-- I Gnow...

  • At 3/15/2007 6:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    No worries Scott...spelling, grammar, common sense...not that can still be president of the free world! :)

  • At 3/16/2007 4:33 PM , Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

    "Virtual serfdom?" The hiring of illegal aliens in America for criminally low wages is 21st-century slavery, nothing less.

    We need to make legal immigration easier and illegal immigration impossible.


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