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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Times-Dispatch Review of "Twelfth Night"

A Hilarious, Minimalist Twelfth Night

It sure is nice when Susan Haubenstock likes you. Honestly, I was so focused on getting the show right that I didn't even notice not one but three reviewers in the house on Friday night. Style Weekly and reviews are forthcoming.

It has been so crazybusy the last couple weeks that I haven't had time to write anything about Twelfth Night. But those lucky enough to come for the first weekend had the rare pleasure of seeing Grant Mudge play a role he hasn't played in ten years with a week's rehearsal, as well as the entirely remarkable sight of Dave White bringing a polished, nuanced performance, book in hand, of roles he had been rehearsing for exactly two days.

Suzanne Ankrum, Liz Blake (aka Fievel Pockets, my little sister), and Frank Creasy are all pretty awesome, too. So was our long long long long-suffering director, Ms. Kate Powers, whose picture is in the encyclopedia under "fearless leader." She's also one of the best damn directors I've ever worked with.

Get well, Thomas!

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  • At 3/11/2007 2:34 PM , Blogger Frank Creasy said...

    Hear, hear!

    While Ms. Haubenstock has been overall quite good to Richmond Shakespeare productions, a favorable review from her is not a given - she doesn't mind criticizing a show when it doesn't suit her, and Barksdale has learned that lately (to their surprise) for certain productions or certain performances. So, while we had by NO means a flawless performance opening night, the end result was honestly crowd pleasing. The ovations have been enthusiastic and genuine, and that says as much (probably MORE) than one person's review, whether good or bad.

    I'm absolutely exhausted, and since even God rested on the seventh day, I'm doing the same. But I'm so pleased to be back onstage following a year away, and the best part of this return is the chance to work with folks who enjoy one another's talents and personalities so thoroughly. We really like being together, and that must come through in onstage chemistry. Often there's someone you work with that you tolerate more than enjoy. I'm absolutely delighted that in this show, I am so very fond of every one in this cast (a good thing given the small cast size!)

    Theatre is a joyful affirmation of the good things in life, and this production exemplifies that in so many ways. I told the cast Saturday that I look around me before we go onstage and I see beautiful talented people all around me, and it gives me some perspective about many of life's annoyances and stresses when I'm NOT at the theatre.

    Spread the word - TWELFTH NIGHT is a hit!

  • At 3/11/2007 5:53 PM , Blogger Scott Wichmann said...

    Twelfth Night was th efirst show Jennie & I worked on together for RSF on tour. She must have dug my cross-gartered yams.

    I hope you guys have a great run and best wishes to you all!! Frank, YOU DA MAN!!!

  • At 3/11/2007 6:50 PM , Blogger Joey Fanelli said...

    Ah, nice to see the show get a good review. Makes me feel like I did a decent job with the few duties I had!

  • At 3/11/2007 7:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Congrats to you too Scott on your review for Tartuffe! Looks likes we are all doing good theatre! Yeah Richmond team!

  • At 3/11/2007 7:26 PM , Blogger Frank Creasy said...

    Thanks Scotto! We've had a tough week, but I'm thinking this next weekend will present a tighter show than we had opening weekend. And oh, God...I can just imagine you in yellow stockings!!! SWEET lady, ho ho! Too bad you can't see the Hamm as Feste, he's a sight to behold. We get to boogie down together!

    And Joey, you've done well. Thanks for doing the thankless jobs. We DO appreciate it.

  • At 3/11/2007 7:34 PM , Blogger Joey Fanelli said...

    Thanks, Frank. It's nice to know that what I do is appreciated. Twelfth Night has been a great way to start my climbing of the theatricial ladder.

  • At 3/12/2007 8:47 AM , Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

    Dave White's cross-gartered groin alone is worth the price of admission.

  • At 3/12/2007 1:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    So I went to O'Tooles last night for a drink with friends...what a huge difference! I went home for the first time in years without the need to lay my clothes over the back porch rail (which leads to them being rained on in many neighbors think I am a nut.)
    So, did anyone see that fire downtown yesterday afternoon? I was driving back from Millie’s and got caught in all the smoke. For a min there I thought it was coming from Theatre IV and I just about wanted to cry. Thankfully it was across the street in an empty building and no one was hurt.

    Yes, Andrew…you are right…your blog is fast becoming a place to go and just talk about whatever. Your topic may or may not be ignored! Hee!

  • At 3/12/2007 2:50 PM , Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

    One of the things I miss about moving the Richmond Shakespeare offices north of the Rivah is the lack of proximity to O'Toole's. And Crossroads. Thankfully, we have Joe's Inn, Strawberry Street Cafe, Sticky Rice, and the new Rostov's all within walking distance.


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