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Thursday, March 15, 2007 Reviews "Twelfth Night"

Who's that knucklehead in the bowling shirt eating popcorn with Frank Creasy? I'm actually starting to get a little uncomfortable with my picture being in these reviews...

"Eating it Up" by Deanna Geneva Lorianni

An excerpt:

Opening to a thoroughly packed audience of all ages at Second Presbyterian Church on Friday night, Richmond Shakespeare Theatre's performance of "Twelfth Night" is one of their best indoor performances yet. Intermixing musical accompaniment (provided mostly by actor and director of training, Andrew Hamm) with lively humor and minimal set design, the company got the whole crowd laughing throughout the entire performance.

And that's no small feat considering the play runs just over two hours and one of the players called in sick. David White (Fight Choreographer) filled in for the two roles usually played by Thomas E. Nowlin, and successfully did so even with script in hand. In fact, it wasn't until the middle of the play when I realized the little book wasn't an intended part of his character.

Comprising five actors, the troupe juggles 15 different roles, which quite often causes an actor to play two different characters in the same scene. Most of the time, their character-swapping works and provides the audience with the chance to see an actor's range of theatrical abilities.

Another reviewer likes the show, but is a bit unfair to Suzanne, who really does a marvelous job in all three of her roles, especially the Officer. At least Ms. Lorianni liked the mannequin, which Susan Haubenstock didn't.

Three shows this weekend, Friday at 8:00, Saturday at 2:00, and Saturday at 8:00. The last two weekends add Thursday 8:00 shows to that schedule. Come out and see what we've been working so hard on! This is also my last time acting for at least several months (music and directing lined up through September).

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  • At 3/17/2007 12:10 AM , Blogger Joey Fanelli said...

    As you pointed out, I also noticed that these reviewers have been a bit hard on Suzanne when it comes to the southern accent, but really that's one of my favourite voices in the whole damn show, second only to the officer.

  • At 3/17/2007 10:17 AM , Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

    An excellent point! Neither review has mentioned the AWESOME voice she does for the Officer.
    "Private BRRRAAAABBLE!"

  • At 3/18/2007 8:21 PM , Blogger Frank Creasy said...

    Several common threads run through my experiences working with Richmond Shakespeare, to wit: 1) Fun, juicy roles that give me a great deal of artistic latitude; 2) The joy of working in a delightful, audience-pleasing production; 3) Complete and utter exhaustion brought on by the physical demands of multiple roles and physical action; and 4) The pleasure of meeting and working with intelligent, talented, charming, attractive women...this time around, that included director Kate Powers and my "gay love interest", Liz Blake, and my "straight love interest", Suzanne Ankrum.

    It's nice to see reviewers praise a production overall. It's a real drag when they pick out someone such as Suzanne who has been such an integral part of the show's success. After about a two-year hiatus from acting, Suzanne's been tossed into the mixing bowl with the challenge of three roles and multiple quick changes, and has MORE than measured up. Let's hope to see more of her onstage again soon.

    Seeing as how the T-D review saw some things very differently from the review, it will be interesting indeed to see what "Style" has to say this week. But either way, at least the nice picture and Kate Powers feature article in Sunday's (March 18th) Richmond Times-Dispatch gives our show some needed publicity.

    Two weeks down - two to go!


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