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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No Way! CHUCK NORRIS Has a Column??


This is the greatest day of my life.

No, it's the greatest day in American history. Screw women's suffrage, the hell with VJ Day, and pooh-pooh to the Emancipation Proclamation.

Chuck Norris is writing an op-ed column for World Net Daily.

If I don't post anything for a few days, it's because I'm busy reading the wisdom of Chuck. Honestly, it doesn't matter if he's left, right, or center. It doesn't even matter if he can write. Chuck Norris is of course always correct. If you disagree with him, he'll roundhouse kick your freakin head off.

Chuck Norris is the new right.

Holy cow, his most recent article is called "A Roundhouse Kick to Credit Card Companies." No fooling. I couldn't make this crap up.

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  • At 3/21/2007 8:06 PM , Blogger Frank Creasy said...

    Chuck IS usually right, but of course, who's gonna disagree with him? Honestly, as a martial artist he's a true hero to me. The man is completely self made, no one gave him anything (he was the ORIGINAL Billy Blanks).

    On this point, he is right, though personal responsibility must predicate all else. The credit card companies may be exploiting people, but those who are so foolish with their credit might find ways to botch up their lives no matter what.

  • At 3/21/2007 8:10 PM , Blogger Joey Fanelli said...

    Oh man, this really is the greatest day ever!


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